Malaysia Can Discard Race Based Politics And Embrace Inclusiveness – Junz

KOTA KINABALU : Malaysia can discard race based politics and embrace inclusive multiracial politics that transcends class, creed and culture and view all as the right citizens of Malaysia.

Warisan vice president, Datuk Junz Wong said Malaysia has seen political parties based in peninsula trumpeting such changes yet unable to deliver when in power due to unfavourable response from the conservatives and religionism às well as those against multi-racialism.

“In other words, even if such political parties want to make changes, they will be met with resistance from the very people whom they are trying to fish for votes.

“A dilemma then ensues. Should such revamp be compromised in order to win potential votes or should such revamps be carried out while risking losing potential votes?,” he said in a statement.

In this context, Junz pointed out that Warisan has proven itself by walking the talk when in power.

“While in power, more than 10,000 hectares of land were given to the poor, landless and marginalised natives.

“For the benefit of the Chinese community, thousands of former 99-years land lease were successfully converted to 999-years land lease by Warisan,” he said.

According to Junz, while the Federal Government fails to resolve educational issues such as the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), the Sabah Government during Warisan’s tenure has officially recognised the examination in 2019.

“Students with UEC are able to further their studies under government-sponsored scholarships and are now in the Sabah civil service. This is something unheard of in the peninsula.

“There were no resentment or street protests because all races were treated fairly.

“The Chinese were accorded rights in education and the Bumiputeras did not feel sidelined,” he asserted.

What has been mentioned above is not rhetoric but are proven accomplishments during Warisan’s tenure in power, Junz said.

“There are a multitude of other success stories which I do not need to dwelve too much into details as facts can be checked and verified from various sources including news archives” Junz said.

Assuming such revamp were to be carried out by Warisan at the Federal-level, such policies will be favourable because those against such revamps are not part of Warisan’s vote base.

Warisan has offered to serve not only Sabahans, but to all Malaysians.

Unlike all other race and religion-based
political parties in West Malaysia, Warisan is not dominated by any single race.

That opportunity is now presented in the form of Warisan and the leadership of Mohd Shafie Apdal, he said.

“Friends in West Malaysia who often looked at East Malaysia’s multi-racialism and multi-faith approach, may now work together with the two Borneo states to revamp the country’s political scenario, culture and system for the good and benefits of all Malaysians,” Junz concluded.

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