Controversial Allegations of Warisan on the Pan Borneo Highway Project

Mohd Haslan Bin Rahi
Warisan Wira Secretary

KOTA KINABALU:  Clarification regarding the implementation of the Pan Borneo Highway Project in Sabah, Pan Borneo highway users are highly proud of the progress of this project and its positive impact on the people of Sabah. However, it is understood that there have been controversies and allegations related to the role of the Warisan government in the implementation of this project.

“It is important for us to emphasize that claims that Warisan canceled the implementation of this project are untrue. The actions taken at the time were temporary and were part of efforts to streamline and improve the execution of this project.” states Mohd Raslan, Warisan Wira Secretary.

“Various issues, including mismanagement and problems with previously appointed concessionaire companies, have resulted in the project achieving only a low percentage of completion. This is an issue that needs to be addressed seriously, and steps need to be taken to ensure the project proceeds more efficiently and effectively.”

The Warisan government has taken an approach aimed at rectifying the regular administrative system to reduce losses and control spending based on actual benchmarks. Warisan believes that these steps are crucial to ensure that the funds allocated for this project are used wisely and benefit the people of Sabah.

“There are still many changes that need to be made, but we must understand that this is the result of the joint efforts of leaders and their allies who are capable of bringing the state to the desired level. We hope that all parties will unite and cooperate to face these challenges and make Sabah more advanced and successful,” he adds.

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